Advocacy & Public Policy

We work closely with policymakers, government agencies and leaders, and fellow advocates to drive health system reform that incorporates key features and strategies of the medical home model.

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Activities & Priorities

The Advocacy & Public Policy Center is dedicated to working closely with policymakers, agencies and government leaders at the state and federal levels to drive health system reform that incorporates key features of the medical home. The Center shapes PCPCC’s policy and advocacy agenda and works with health care stakeholders to support meaningful policies related to Accountable Care Organizations, health insurance exchanges, health information technology, and payment reform. To achieve its goals, the Center engages in a number of activities:

  1. Develop communication tools that enhance public awareness  for primary care, the medical home and key advocacy issues
  2. Advocate for the development of public policies that strengthen primary care and the medical home
  3. Educate state and federal policymakers about the cost-saving and care delivery impact of primary care and the medical home
  4. Gather and disseminate evidence that demonstrates medical home impact on Triple Aim goals
  5. Work collaboratively with other centers to develop a strategic public policy agenda
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