Outcomes & Evaluation

We gather evidence and results from medical home initiatives and share those results to effectively communicate the definition and value of the medical home model.

Activities & Priorities

The Outcomes & Evaluation Center works to demonstrate the value of primary care on quality, costs and waste by tracking and communicating impact measures from medical home initiatives, pilots, and demonstrations. The center also plays a significant role in disseminating data and results to enhance awareness for medical home impact, including PCPCC’s independent publications, reports, and briefs. To achieve its goals, the Center engages in a number of activities:

  1. Develop resources that track, aggregate, and synthesize evidence and results from industry reports and peer-review articles to demonstrate medical home impact on cost, quality, and population health outcomes.
  2. Disseminate outcome data to PCPCC stakeholders and the public through a variety of resources and communications tools.
  3. Advance and refine medical home outcome measures to promote continuous system transformation and quality improvement.
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