Patients, Families & Consumers

We work with patients, families, and advocates to ensure that the medical home model incorporates the patients' perspective, needs, experience, and achieves true patient-centeredness.

Activities & Priorities

The Patients, Families & Consumers Center is dedicated to ensuring that patients, families, and caregivers are active partners in improving primary care delivery and achieving medical home transformation. The center actively promotes the importance of patient communication and education; including patients as members of the care team; and sharing models of care delivery that are high-quality, compassionate, and culturally sensitive. To achieve its goals, the Center engages in a number of activities:

  1. Develop and share materials that define patient engagement for patients, families, caregivers, clinicians and practices, and policymakers;
  2. Develop educational materials that inform patients and their families about the definition and value of the medical home
  3. Maintain a resource library that provides best practices and toolkits on topics such as health literacy, cultural competency, patient experience, quality improvement and innovative staffing models
  4. Share best practices and models for involving patients and families in medical home care teams
  5. Highlight case studies and success stories of patient-, family-, and caregiver-centered care and engagement

Engaging Patient & Family Practice Partners in Practice Transformation

As a Support and Alignment Network (SAN) in the Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative (TCPI), the PCPCC will provide support to patient and family partners, along with practices and Practice Transformation Networks across the U.S. to promote more meaningful patient partnerships in quality improvement and community collaboration with care teams. Our goal is to help participating clinicians partner with patients and families to achieve TCPI’s phases of transformation and associated milestones, resulting in improved care, better health, and reduced costs. 



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