Employers & Purchasers

We work with employers, health plans, and purchasers to promote employee benefit programs that promote the medical home and payment reform.

Activities & Priorities

The Employer & Purchaser Engagement Center works to engage employers, purchasers, and health plans around redesigning benefit programs that incorporate medical home features and innovative payment models. This center also works to share best practices and resources based on successful models, including workplace wellness initiatives, prevention programs and benefit structures. To achieve its goals, the Center engages in a number of activities:

  1. Develop tools and resources that articulate the value of medical home for employees and purchasers
  2. Share tools and resources to help employers, health plans, unions and other stakeholders design benefit programs that enhance access to medical home providers and practices
  3. Develop tools and resources to assist state and federal agencies/ purchasers  in accessing primary care medical homes
  4. Develop resources/strategies  to assist human resource leaders, consultants, and brokers in various organizations about value of primary care & the medical home
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